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Embedded analytics for any use case.
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We have partnered with Gooddata, a leader in BI & Analytics.
Using Gooddata, we build a complete data and analytics platform. An end-to-end BI platform that empowers data engineers, developers, and analysts to build analytic apps that deliver highly interactive user experiences.

We also work with Google Data Studio, then the data is more centered around analytics of an app, webb or marketing data.

Read more about  Gooddata
or Google Data Studio.

Embedded Analytics

Do your customers want to know more? is insight a key part of yur customer offering? 
Embedd BI into your application and enable data-driven decision making and self-service analysis for your customers.
Gooddata is an open platform that lets you build custom and whitelabeled solutions that look and feel like it's yours.

We deliver with short implementation times — in any product, any device.

Mobile Analytics

Analytics and reporting of your mobile app and web. Do you know what is happening, at the level of detail you need?  We will guide you from gathering the correct data points to visualisations and dashboards.


Want to know more? Reach out to request a demo, talk about embedded analytics or mobile analytics. We can help you with both Gooddata and Google Dtaa Studio.

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