Our door is always open

But not everyone makes the cut.

Want to become one of us? We'd be happy to talk to you if you think you are the one! We are building a new consulting company from the ground up. It's a great opportunity to create a modern company that fits the modern consultant right from the start. The people at Hackberry have experience from the consulting industry and in running and growing companies. The simple recipe is to take the best from previous companies, combined with some new ideas and putting it all together in The Factory's environment.

Values are perhaps hard to summarize, but we gave it a go. We intend to live by and live up to these five words.

Care, Share, Grow & Enjoy.

Do you agree? Give us a call.

Flexibility & Matching

We firmly believe that flexible and varied work creates long-term happiness. As well as a good match between your desires and competences and the customers' expectations. We aim to achieve all that. As a consultant, you will over time work in different types of projects. Partly as an on-site consultant with one of our clients, partly with inhouse projects linked to an external customer, and partly in inhouse projects linked to a start-ups in our eco-system.

All in dialogue with you.

Learning & Balance

Continuous learning is a cornerstone of a successful consultant. Thus, we support you during working hours and not something that should affect your life balance.

Hackberry Day: We all gather at the office once a month and share knowledge, test new stuff or whatever.

Hackberry Week(end): Yearly trip for fun'n'games and learning.

Security & Transparency

Fixed pay. No bonuses, no percentages to keep track of, no pay cut without assignments. No stress.

We offer two salary models depending on what is right for you. Either a good and fixed salary as an employee or fixed invoicing from your own AB.

Either way, we are fully committed to you, and you to us.

Join the team!

Are you a developer who has your focus in the app and mobile world or in the data world and wants to continue that way? Or perhaps mix the two? Do you live north of Stockholm or nearby and enjoy a fast-changing start-up environment? Do you think it sounds exciting to be part of building the Nordic region's largest tech and innovation hub? Do you want to work in a consulting role without compromising on things like security and balance? Do you wholeheartedly support and believe in our values; Care, Share, Enjoy & Grow?

If you have answered yes to these questions, welcome home.