What we do

We are a cool little consultancy firm. We build apps and mobile solutions. We build data-driven solutions. We build analytical apps. We foster data-driven organisations. Cloud-first or perhaps even cloud-only. We prefer to use the tools we have chosen for ourselves. Flutter or React Native for cross-plattform development, native Android or iOS when needed. Google Cloud and all its components and possibilities, such as Firebase, Biq Query and more. AWS and its components too of course, and lastly Gooddata for the pure Analytical parts.

We work on-site or in-house, all depending on your needs.

Our history

From Harbour Front to Hackberry Bay

Harbour Front was established in 2005 with an exclusive focus on mobile apps. With a solid reputation for creating awesome experiences, Harbour Front contributed to apps like Scandic, SF Anytime, Furniture Box and more.

In 2017 Harbour Front was acquired by the VC firm Wellstreet as a key component in the Wellstreet eco-system of start-ups and disruptors.

In 2019, under new management, the company renamed to Hackberry Bay, hackberry in everyday speech. A name taken from our new base in Häggvik. Still building awesome apps, hackberry also expanded business into analytics with a Sweden-first partnership with Sisense.

The company is now run by Thomas Nord and Anton Ijäs.

The Factory

Our home in Häggvik

The Factory is a unique house, an exciting environment during start-up in Sollentuna. The building is a landmark in Sollentuna, and now under Wellstreet management. is set to become a huge tech- and innovation hub.  

The tenants involve various start-ups and scale-ups, collaborations like Google Developers Launchpad and AWS FinTech Loft, and more.

Also at the Factory is Makerzone, an innovation workshop where Sollentuna's students can come to explore new areas and challenge themselves in digital creation, sustainability, entrepreneurship and problem solving.

Read more about The Factory here.